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Brian Culkkin



Cherline Julien

Director of Photography

Cherline Julien is a graduate from the New England Institute of Art with a degree in digital media production. She is the founder and chief creative officer of On1 Magazine, a digital publication that focuses on art, urban life, and  entertainment.  A Cambridge, MA native born to parents of French descent, she is an innovator who looks to create and imbue a sense of  strength and artistic innovation while making a mark in today’s entertainment industry. Cherline is is well known for her skills in video production, marketing, and business management. Her passion is to create and influence the people around her in order to open new doors and take bold steps in creating  new forms of art and  creativity that she believes one day will help people in need, inspire, and change the world.

​Brian Culkkin is a 2001 graduate of Skidmore College with a degree in American Studies. While at Skidmore Brian excelled in both the classroom and as an athlete becoming a three time all UCAA basketball player and graduating as the all time leading scorer in the history of Skidmore with nearly 1800 points. He played professional basketball in Europe after college before sustaining a career ending injury. Returning to his hometown of Boston, Brian found quick success in the financial world. By age 26 he had become the founder and CEO of United Mortgage Group, a commercial and residential mortgage firm. During his time at United Mortgage, he managed a team of 20 brokers in addtion to operational management from 2004 - 2010.


However, at the height of his success and wanting more from life, he instead left his promising finance career and moved to the world renowned Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA from 2008-2009 where he lived for over a year studying meditation, yoga, and gestalt therapy. From 2010-2013 he worked under Dr. Ronald Alexander at the Open Mind Training Institute as a consultant/trainer leading workshops and consulting with organizations and businesses around the world on topics ranging from leadership to creativity to mindfulness as well owning a Jai Yoga, a community yoga center. He was a keynote speaker in 2011 at the Norwegian School of Management's annual symposium where he spoke to graduate students about 'being in the zone.'


Now working full time as a filmmaker Creative Director of United Creative Group, initially focusing in the documentary genre, Brian has completed two documentary film projects: a feature length documentary entitled ('The Mission'),  a documentary short entitled "Voices", and a third in later stages of production ('24 to Heaven')  He also has two feature screenplays in development. 



Brian is aslo a talented artist and writer. He maintains a personal blog where he writes essays on cinema, boxing, and technology. He also founded, in 2015, the online journal, The Gentrification of Boston - critical essays, photography, art, and commentary that analyzes gentrification in the city of Boston from a multi disciplinairy approach. He has three essay collections he also intends to release in the coming year: Postscript on Boxing: the human body, digital worlds, and the death of boxing in American culture, The Last Humans: essays on technology, and There is no such thing as Boston: gentrification and  the disapearance of a city.


IMBD page -  https://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm6495891?ref_=hm_nv_mp_profile